Identity made easy

— Easy, safe & always protecting integrity

Idfyed makes login and identification easy. The easier it is for your customers, the more satisfied they will be, leading to better conversion rates for you. It’s all connected. So, let’s make it easy, safe and secure with the individual’s integrity intact. In the end, it will increase trust and that is just good business.

Let’s take away usernames and passwords

Our basic services allow you to offer login services online to your users without usernames and passwords. Easy to use and simple to install when you’re using the Idfyed branding. Up to 500 authentications a month is free and for 800 SEK/month you can create a login service for 20.000 authentications per month.

Unleash your true potential with a dynamic digital ID, online and in real life

We offer two comprehensive levels of services that give you the possibility to utilize Idfyed with all its unique features, both online and in physical environments. Dynamic attributes, bespoke branding, physical authentication, corporate attributes, add and revoke verified attributes, are just some of the functions that will create a secure ID service that puts personal integrity first.

Our services are delivered under our General terms and conditions and Service level agreement.