digital privacy made easy

Idfyed is a new, safer digital ID that puts you in charge of your own personal details

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Create your digital ID

Download the Idfyed app to your smartphone, free of charge, from AppStore or Google Play. The app will guide you to get started. You will add information to the ID once you start using it.

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Digital privacy made easy

You are in control and Idfyed helps you

You control every part of your digital ID. You decide what information you have in it, and you decide what information you share for identification. Sometimes it is relevant that you share your name and social security number, at other times your professional identity or email address will be enough. There are even times when it is relevant that you share nothing at all. Idfyed helps you!

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Login everywhere possible using your Idfyed app

Do you forget your usernames and passwords? Select to login with Idfyed instead and you do not have to think about any login details or login insecurely using a social media account. Idfyed is both easy and secure.

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Use Idfyed IRL as well

You can use Idfyed in real life as well. It is as simple as when you use Idfyed to login at a website. Scan QR-codes with the Idfyed app and identify yourself to check in at sports events, participate in surveys, unlock doors or register products.