digital integrity made simple

Idfyed is a new, safer digital ID that puts you in charge of your own personal details

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Ready, Set, Go!

Download the Idfyed app for your smartphone, free of charge, from App store or Google Play. Scan the QR-code, then the app will show you the rest.

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Digital integrity made simple

Forget about passwords

Using a digital ID makes logging in to your favourite sites a lot easier since it replaces all those passwords most of us tend to forget.

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Connecting offline with Idfyed

With Idfyed you can use your digital ID also in the “real” world – as long as you have a smartphone, of course. By scanning printed QR codes with the Idfyed app, you can check in and register to culture and sports events, join commercial campaigns, take part in membership programs and collect offers and loyalty points.

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You’re in charge

Idfyed puts you as a user in charge of which personal data your digital ID contains, since you are the one approving that your personal details (like phone number, gender, age or street address) are shared with the site requesting it.

So, let your online shoe retailer know your shoe size and share your social security number with your care giver – not the other way round.